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Grace Nichols and Guyana.


We have been using the internet to research Grace Nichol a famous author from Guyana.

This is what we found out – She was born in Georgetown, Guyana in 1950. ( class )

Her first collection ( I is a long Memoried Woman, won the commonwealth poetry prize and she created the collection in 1983.( Maddi and Ruby)

She moved to Gorgetown when she was 8 years old. (Frankie , Katharine)

The natural resources that can be found in Guyana include-rice fields,gold,batuxite and sugar cane plantations (Terry,Tilly)

The climate is rainy warm and humid . (Kayla)

Guyana has a population of is 799,613 in 2013 (Charlie H)

Guyana is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean Venezuela and Suriname. (Louie and Brooke)

Grace worked as a teacher,journalist and poet,she spent most of her time in areas of Guyana.(Ayla& Jack)

Guyana is the only South American country that speaks English.(Dylan,Lucy and Amie)

The climate in Guyana is warm and tropical throughout out the year,(Isabelle,Luke).

According to the world bank, Guyana is the second poorest country in Caricom but, for ahead of Haiti. ( Terianne and Daniella)

December to January to May to June are the most powerful rainy months. ( Marius and Jessica )

One of the famous people from Guyana is Grace Nichols and she won the Commonwealth Prize for literature. (Tommy , Sienna  )

Grace Nichols is married to another famous Guyanese poet named John Agard. (Charlie and Nikita)

Rihanna the famous pop star was born in Guyana!

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