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Grace Nichols and Guyana.


We have been using the internet to research Grace Nichol a famous author from Guyana. This is what we found out – She was born in Georgetown, Guyana in 1950. ( class ) Her first collection ( I is a long Memoried Woman, won the commonwealth poetry prize and she created the collection in 1983.( […]

Pop Art



Photography 5M


5M have been looking at photography,we have learned a lot.We had a chance to use a real camera (DSLR) and used the IPad too. We edited our photo’s the results were amazing! (Amie)

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Photography in 5M


This week we have been taking photos using IPads ¬†in groups. We learnt how to take photos in landscape, portrait and perspective. We then went on an app called Abstract Me to create images like those of Andy Warhol. ¬†Everyone’s photos are wonderful.(Dylan)

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Life in the Middle Ages.


We have been writing reports about the Middle Ages. The wealthy lived much easier lives than the poor,their household duties were performed by servants.They ate white fine bread and dined on feasts of luxurious foods such as ; chicken,venison and pheasant.(Charlie L) Rich boys were educated in Latin,mathematics and logic,but girls were taught how to […]

Dear Santa …




We celebrated Christingle at St Michaels Church .


Friendship Week.


We decorated biscuits and exchanged them with each other – we gave our biscuit to someone who we perhaps don’t often talk to or play with.